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How To Cook Couscous

Next time you need a last-minute starch to round out your dinner plate, consider couscous: It’s one of the tastiest side dishes around, and one of the easiest to prepare in a hurry. Watch the video demonstration.
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  • saucepan
  • couscous
  • olive oil or butter
  • salt
  • water
  • dinner fork
  • wooden spoon
  1. Boil water

    For each cup of dry couscous, use 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring to boil in saucepan.

  2. Add salt and oil or butter

    Add 1/2 tsp. salt to the water and a little olive oil or butter if desired, to add moisture.

  3. Add couscous and let steam

    Pour 1 cup couscous into boiling water, stir once with a spoon, cover with a lid, and remove from heat. Let the couscous steam for five minutes.

  4. Fluff with a fork

    Couscous grains tend to bind together in the cooking process, so fluff the grains with a fork. Before serving, stir in any flavorful extras like lemon zest or chopped scallions.

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