How to Create Winter Wonderland Cookies

This sweet ornament cookie features two lovebirds in a snowy scene. Here’s how to do it.

What You Need

  1. Using a bottle filled with white icing, outline the cookie, leaving a slight border from the edge of the cookie.

    Tip: Using an icing bottle with a tip gives you more control. You can also buy pre-packaged tubes of icing at the supermarket.

  2. Draw two branches for the birds to nest on.

  3. Using tweezers, place a sugar cardinal on each branch.

  4. Dot icing around the cookie to resemble snow.

  5. Using tweezers, place a sugar snowflake on each icing dot, pressing in the candy so it adheres.

  6. Let dry for 12 hours and string with twine to tie on a tree.

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