How To Make Edible Flowers

Create edible roses out of gumdrops for an easy yet elegant way to decorate your cake.

What You Need

  1. Check granulated sugar
  2. Check gumdrops
  3. Check rolling pin
  4. Check paring knife

Follow These Steps

  1. Start with a sugared surface

    Lightly dust a work surface with granulated sugar.

  2. Roll 3 gumdrops out to ⅛-inch thickness

    Take 3 gumdrops and flatten them out slightly with your thumb. Using a rolling pin, roll them out until they’re about ⅛-inch thick. If they start to stick, sprinkle them with a little more sugar.

  3. Cut each gumdrop in half

    Use a paring knife to cut each flattened gumdrop in half, creating 6 equal pieces.

  4. Roll one of the smaller halves into a cylinder

    Using your fingers, take a smaller half and roll it into a cylinder, pinching at one end. This will be the center of the flower.

  5. Press the edges and wrap around center piece

    Take the other pieces and use your fingers to press the edges, making them thinner. This will make them easier to attach. Then wrap each piece around the center piece, overlapping slightly and pinching at the base so they all stick together.

  6. Gently pull back the pieces to open your rose

    Bend some of the petals back to create a natural rose shape.

  7. Trim the bottom to flatten

    Use a paring knife to trim the bottom of your rose, forming a flat base to allow the flower to sit up on the cake. Place a few on top of your frosted cake to make a pretty bouquet.

    Tip: Use green gumdrops to create leaves for your rose.