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No-Guilt Neapolitan Pizza

It looks and tastes exactly like your favorite gourmet pizza, but piled high with a leafy salad and made with a whole grain crust, you can indulge to your heart's content. The recipe starts with a homemade dough because most frozen crusts have hidden preservatives and tons of sodium. It's made from whole-wheat flour plus flax-seeds, so it's packed with omega-3’s and has more fiber than doughs made with white flour. Though low-fat cheese might be tempting to use, it’s much more satisfying to use a little less full-fat dairy. Mozzarella gives you those gooey pulls and crumbled feta adds salty satisfaction.

Better Bacon Cheeseburger

Every wonder about the difference between ground chuck and ground sirloin? Ground chuck contains about 20% fat, a sure thing when juicy burgers are in order. But we wanted a leaner burger, so we chose ground sirloin with just 10% fat. But don't worry, we packed in extra flavor with the addition of bacon. Shredded cheddar covers the burgers evenly but adds up to less cheese than a full slice. The flavorful patties get topped with grilled onions, spinach, and a spicy special sauce. We made ours with heart-healthy olive-oil mayo, ketchup, and Sriracha. Cutting the sweet ketchup in half means you'll skip some of the added sugar then if you used ketchup alone.

Not-So-Average Nachos

They look like they’re slathered in a pile of melted cheese but that rich and gooey sauce you is actually made with low-fat milk. The queso is simmered with onions and poblanos to add some heat, then Pepper Jack cheese and lime juice are stirred in right at the end. One of our favorite parts about these nachos is that you don’t need to bake them (because the cheese is already melted). You also don’t need to cook through the chicken, because the recipe starts with a rotisserie that gets shredded and briefly sautéed with spices. The dish is finished with crunchy nutrient-dense veggies: shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and cilantro.

Decadent Mac and Cheese 

Unlike most mac and cheese recipes out there, this one doesn’t require you to make a béchamel sauce. Usually béchamel adds an unbeatable creamy, rich consistency but here a bit of evaporated milk thickens the mac and cheese, doing the work for you. Any type of short pasta will work; we used cavatappi because we love its springy coils. Three varieties of cheese might seem excessive, but they’re all necessary (decadent is in this dish’s title for a reason). Gruyere adds complexity, cheddar brings a sharp tang, and American cheese—don’t turn up your nose—adds a gooey, melty, yummy, extra-cheesiness we loved as kids.

Shiitake Beef Tacos

Meaty, smoky shiitake mushrooms are a clever addition to easy beef tacos, which are far superior to any at your local taco joint. The fresh salsa on top perfectly contrasts the meaty filling, thanks to a combination of sweet corn, spicy chiles, and bright, peppery radishes. To add some fun to dinnertime, let the family build the tacos themselves, starting with warm flour tortillas, piling on the beef and mushroom mixture, and finishing with the salsa, fresh cilantro, and their any amount of hot sauce. Save extra corn salsa as an excellent dip for chips.

Soba Noodle Veggie Bowl With Tahini Dressing

Think of this dish as a build-your-own noodle bowl—set out the components and let your friends or family assemble as they please. In addition to being healthy and completely customizable, it’s pretty, too, thanks to the assortment of vibrant veggies. The star of the meal is the creamy tahini dressing, which is a riff on an Asian-style peanut butter sauce. We love soba noodles for their quick cook time and nutty flavor, but feel free to use whole-wheat spaghetti instead. For added protein, top the bowls with tofu, shredded chicken, or shrimp. Spicy food lovers can top theirs with sliced fresh chile, too.

Harlequin Gingerbread House

You’ll be blown away by the modern engineering utilized in this Gaudi-inspired home. Located right in the center of Candy Land’s capital city, this home is constructed of 100% repurposed cookies and treats. The Nutter Butter siding is adorned with edible gold pearl accents and peppermint stick structural elements. Our favorite feature is the state-of-the-art, solar-paneled, Rice Krispies treat roof. It’s located within walking distance of Candy Land College, home to some of the country’s foremost thought leaders on candy-centered architecture and design. This home and its custom interiors were recently featured in Architectural Digest and dwell magazines (January 2016 and May 2016 respectively).

Chocolate Gingerbread House

This converted Kit-Kat barn just drips cool luxury. Updated earlier in 2016, the owners swapped predictable siding for chocolate and white chocolate bricks and insulated with the most up-to-date royal icing. In addition, the roof was recently reinforced with new honey-flavored graham crackers. An extra-wide barn door at the front of the house makes for a handsome entryway. You’ll love the lofted bedroom, perfect for kids or guests. Situated in the foothills just north of Candy Land, you’ll enjoy year round snow and world-class skiing just a hop, skip, and a jump from your sturdy front door.

Pretzel Log Cabin

This rustic salty cabin is the perfect weekend getaway for ski-bums and snowboarders alike. A true ski-in, ski-out property, this cozy gem was built in November 2016. It’s situated mid-mountain right on Peppermint Peak, home to some of Candy Land’s most sought after slopes. After a morning cutting fresh tracks, head inside to make hot cocoa in the newly renovated kitchen. Then, relax in front of one of 2 wood-fired stoves and watch the snow fall. In addition, you’ll be just minutes away from Gumdrop Pass and its world-class views of the Frosted Valley: head into town to explore the wares from inspiring local artists’ community (don’t miss the Frosted Flea market on Saturdays).