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How to Make Gnocchi

It’s easier than you think.

How to Make Classic Cranberry Sauce

Whip up this classic homemade cranberry sauce (made with fresh cranberries!) using just six ingredients. The tangy-sweet sauce is delicious served with turkey, chicken, quail, duck, or ham. As seen on MyRecipes.

How to Make a Classic Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a holiday favorite, and this recipe uses store-bought pie dough to quicken the process. The filling is flavored with pumpkin pie spice, which creates a fragrant dessert that will make the whole kitchen smell amazing. Bake the pie on a baking sheet in the lower third of the oven to encourage a crisp crust, then top it off with sweetened amaretto whipped cream. As seen on MyRecipes.

This Message in a Pie Is the Cutest Thanksgiving Dessert

What’s better than a delicious homemade pumpkin pie? One that gives a personal touch with a fun, caring message! Share this Message in a Pie with your friends, family, or anyone you want. As seen on Cooking Light.

Mint Chocolate Chip Crepes

If you’re a sucker for a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, you need to try these decadent dessert crepes. Our basic crepe recipe is simple—the egg-based batter comes together in the blender—and you’ll quickly become a pro at pouring, swirling, and serving them. The filling is a simple mixture of whipped cream (which is easy to make by hand!), mint extract, and chocolate chips, and the crepes are topped with crushed mint cookies—yes, you can use leftover Thin Mints—and a sprig of fresh mint. While they’re easy enough for a special weeknight dessert, they’d also be perfect for a DIY crepe party (which is fun for both the kids and adults!). Start by making the crepes before guests arrive, and stack them up on a decorative plate. Alternatively, make the crepes the night before, store them in the refrigerator, and then warm them up day-of in the microwave or the oven before serving. Then, let guests spread on the whipped cream, sprinkle on the chocolate chips, fold them up, and pile on the toppings. The best part of this dessert? Unlike ice cream, which is typically a warm-weather treat, these can be enjoyed all year round.

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

Though traditionally made with bulgur wheat, this twist on tabbouleh features quinoa instead for a protein-packed, gluten-free option that will liven up any meal. The salad is packed with fresh ingredients—cucumber and tomatoes, fresh herbs and lemon juice—and it only gets better as it sits in the fridge. Serve it as a main dish topped with chicken, feta, or chickpeas, or enjoy it as a side alongside warm pita and hummus. We love it for lunch, too, so make a big batch on Sunday and enjoy it throughout the week.

Cauliflower Rice “Risotto” With Beets

Risotto is a fairly laborious dish—it takes a long time to cook, and it can be difficult to achieve the perfect texture. This speedy version is ready in just 15 minutes, and there’s no need to hover over the stove. The addition of vegetable broth gives the cauliflower rice a creamy, risotto-like texture, and golden beets lend a silkiness and natural sweetness. Because cauliflower doesn’t have a strong flavor on its own, chives, walnuts, and Parmesan are added for nuttiness and saltiness. Red beets are fine to use here as well, but be warned—they will turn the entire dish pink.

Parmesan Cauliflower Tots

Tater tots are always a crowd-pleasing side, but they aren’t exactly the most nutritious option. For a healthier, even tastier alternative, try our cheesy cauliflower tots, which replace starchy potato with nutrient-dense cauliflower. To keep the tots crispy without deep-frying them, we sprinkle each one with a bit of Parmesan cheese, which creates an addictively crunchy outer shell. Flipping the tots halfway through their cook time also ensures that both sides bake to a nice golden brown. Serve them warm, alongside homemade chicken strips or veggie burgers.

Cauliflower Flatbread With Hummus and Artichokes

You’ll be surprised how seamlessly cauliflower rice transforms into a warm, cheesy flatbread. We like ours spread with hummus and topped with artichoke hearts, crunchy radishes, and salty feta cheese. But whether you’re in need of a gluten-free crust or simply want to cut down on carbs, this veggie-centric meal will soon be part of your weeknight rotation. Feel free to experiment with any type of toppings—the crust would also be delicious topped with marinara and mozzarella for a healthier take on homemade pizza. If you’re making hummus from scratch, remember to remove the chickpea skins, which will result in the creamiest hummus you’ve ever tasted.

Birthday Cake Crepes

Give the classic yellow cake a break this year and make these colorful crepes for your next birthday celebration. Multi-colored nonpareils (round sprinkles) add flare to every crepe—but be sure to add them after you’ve poured the batter into the pan (if you try to stir them into the batter beforehand, they’ll sink to the bottom). The rest of the process is simple—fold the crepes, top with vanilla ice cream, and drizzle with hot fudge. Oh, and don’t forget the candle on top! You can still make a birthday wish with crepes, of course (and we won’t tell if you wish for more crepes). These would also be great served at a birthday brunch, alongside a spread of more savory options. Set out a variety of ice cream flavors, and guests can scoop and top their crepes as they please. Love the idea of birthday crepes, but wish they were inspired by chocolate cake instead? Simply whisk ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder into the crepe batter, and voila! Chocolate birthday cake crepes. For best results, let the crepe batter sit at room temperature for a few minutes before adding the cocoa powder, which will ensure it mixes in evenly.