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Broth Basics

Four quick tips, from storing secrets to recipe upgrades.

By Kate Merker
Broth in measuring cup with garlic, rice and cheeseAntonis Achilleos
  • Chicken broth can help relieve symptoms of the common cold. Chicken broth is chemically similar to the drug acetylcysteine, which is prescribed for bronchitis and other respiratory problems, according to Practical Pulmonary Disease, by Irwin Ziment, M.D.

  • Broth from a can tastes essentially the same as that from a carton (boiling the canned broth eliminates any tinny taste).

  • Refrigerate unused canned broth in a plastic storage container. Do not store unused broth in the can, because it may become discolored or lose its flavor.

  • For an easy upgrade, substitute broth for water when making rice, stuffing, or a stew.
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