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Summer Beauty Tips and Secrets

Forget sun-parched skin or hair, humidity frizz, and other summer woes. Get your glow on and breeze through summer beautifully.

Under the Sun

5 Crucial Signs of a Good Sunscreen
Find the right product for you with this helpful list of sunscreen terms.

Sunscreen: Are You Using Enough?
Experts say how much and how often you should apply the product―and why it's so important.

The Best Lip Balms
Kiss waxy sticks good-bye. Out of more than 45 tested, these creamy formulas softened, smoothed, and protected best. 

Portrait of model resting in the sun with white face masque

Summer Strategies for Your Beauty Routine

Your hair, skin, and nails need a break as much as you do. Here, tips on how to cut back on primping to let your natural beauty shine.
Photo: Amanda Marsalis

25 Summer Beauty All-Stars: Hair, Skin, and Makeup

Keep skin hydrated, hair nourished, and makeup in place with these essentials.
Photo: Craig Cutler

7 Treatments for Summer Skin Issues

Try these smart remedies for sunburn, breakouts, and other common seasonal afflictions.
Photo: Patricia Heal

Your Guide to Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer means showing off your skin—lots of it. Before you slip on that sundress, follow this expert advice. 
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Portrait of model resting in the sun with white face masque
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Hair Help

Model wearing a braided crown hairstyle

6 Easy Braided Hair Looks
Braids are a wish come true for long and short cuts alike. Try one of these easy grown-up twists. 

Model with long blonde hair

6 Fast Hair Care Tips
Learn how to remove static, boost volume, smooth frizz, and defeat more beauty nightmares with these quick hair-care tips.

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Self-pedicure, moisturizing

Summer Foot Care Tips Checklist

Pretty summer shoes have an ugly side: heel pain and foot cramps. Fortunately, simple remedies can provide sweet relief. Treat your feet well with these easy remedies and pampering tips.

  • Coat your palms with a thin layer of lotion or balm. Look for something infused with a circulation-boosting ingredient, such as peppermint, pine oil, camphor, or rosemary.
  • Use long stroking motions. Slowly massage the sole of one foot with both thumbs, starting behind the toes and moving toward the heel. Apply extra pressure along the arch and at the ball of the foot, two places that are especially prone to tightness.
  • Grip the foot with both hands. Gently twist your hands from side to side as if you’re wringing a towel. This may help remove the pain that can develop after hours of standing. End the massage by gently pulling and releasing each toe.

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