How to Manicure Your Nails

No time for a professional manicure? For easy at-home maintenance, try this video’s tips on how to file and shape your nails.

What You Need

  1. Check nail clippers
  2. Check file
  3. Check buffer

Follow These Steps

  1. Trim nails straight across

    If your nails need a trim, snip them straight across (don’t shape) with a small pair of nail clippers.

  2. File nails into box shape with rounded edges

    For nails, a square shape with rounded edges is practical, classic, and won't catch or tear as easily as oval-shaped nails.

    Tip: Always file nails in one direction; filing back and forth can cause splits.

  3. Buff and shine your nails

    Gently buff nails for a little shine. This also stimulates circulation beneath the nails, which will help them grow.

    Tip: A double-sided emery board can perform a multitude of tasks, from filing to shaping and buffing.