How to Conceal Under-Eye Circles

The thin skin under the eyes is prone to dark circles―especially when you don’t get enough sleep. This video demonstrates how to achieve a bright-eyed look.

What You Need

  1. Check eye cream
  2. Check creamy concealer
  3. Check makeup brush
  4. Check translucent powder

Follow These Steps

  1. Prepare the skin with an eye cream

    Put a drop of eye cream on the tip of your ring finger and dab it lightly along the under-eye area, starting with the inner corner and working outward. Repeat with other eye.

    Tip: Eye cream plumps the skin, thereby making the veins underneath a little less visible. Choose one with light-reflecting pigments to further brighten the area, and a gentle skin-lightening ingredient, such as vitamin K. If dark circles are due to sun damage, an eye cream with alpha hydroxy acid will help lighten the unwanted pigment. If your circles are very dark, see a dermatologist to ask about a prescription cream containing the lightening agent hydroquinone.

  2. Apply the concealer

    Choose concealer with a yellow undertone to neutralize the purple color of the dark circles. Using a thin makeup brush and starting at the inner corner of the eye, where circles are darkest, gently dot the concealer along the under-eye area. Repeat with the other eye.

    Tip: Don’t substitute foundation for concealer. Foundation can dry out the delicate skin under the eyes, accentuating fine lines.

  3. Dab the concealer to blend

    Let the concealer sit on your skin for a few moments—the warmth of your body will soften it and make it easier to work with. Then, using your ring finger, tap the concealer gently into the skin to blend. Avoid pulling or tugging the skin.

  4. Apply a powder

    Using a puff, dab a little translucent powder over the concealer to help hold the look all day, prevent shininess, and keep the concealer from slipping into wrinkles and creases.