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How to Remove Self-Tanner

If a new self-tanner has turned your skin orange, try this technique to return your skin to its natural shade.

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“My self-tanner looks so unnatural.”

Jennifer A., via e-mail

The fix: If your skin screams “Oompa Loompa!,” relax—in a warm bath. Add three capfuls of baby oil to the water and submerge your body for at least 20 minutes, then exfoliate with a loofah, says Fiona Locke, a tanning expert for the self-tanner company St. Tropez. This can fade the color by about 80 percent. To lighten a few glaring streaks or spots, rub them with a cut lemon for two to three minutes. And to avoid blotches the next time, exfoliate right before, apply a water-based moisturizer followed by one coat of tanner, and blend thoroughly, says Jennifer Phillips, the owner of Portofino Beverly Hills, a tanning salon in Beverly Hills.

Try these goof-proof self-tanners and bronzers, then find three tips for avoiding self-tanning streaks.

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