How to Tie a Scarf

Scarves can look wonderful wrapped casually around your neck, but for a particularly polished look, try the stylish technique shown in this video.

What You Need

  1. Check square silk scarf
  2. Check flat surface

Follow These Steps

  1. Lay scarf flat in a diamond shape

    Lay the scarf out flat in front of you, turned so that it forms a diamond shape.

  2. Fold right and left corners into the center

    Bring the left and right corners to the middle of the scarf so that their points meet.

  3. Fold the same sides once more into the center

    Bring the left and right sides in again, letting the creases meet in the center.

  4. Fold one last time in half

    If the scarf is wide, fold it in half lengthwise to narrow it.

  5. Make one side longer than the other

    Drape the scarf around your neck, with the folds facing in and the ends hanging down in front. Pull the right end slightly lower than the left.

  6. Cross the longer side over and loop it up under your chin

    Bring the right end around the left, pulling it up and over the length looped around your neck to form a single knot. Tighten around your neck.

  7. Bring the top end around and through the loop

    Place your left index finger below the knot, between the scarf’s two pieces. Grasp the end with your right hand on top and bring it around the length on the bottom, threading it through the loop where your finger is. Pull ends of scarf into a knot. At this point you’ll have a double knot in front.

  8. Smooth the knot and tie the ends in back

    Smooth the knot, then bring ends out to the sides and around to the back of your neck. Tie ends in a knot at the back of your neck.