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Quick Hair and Makeup Tips

Think you have no time to get gorgeous? It’s easy with the simple hair and makeup how-tos demonstrated in these videos.

Step by Step

How to Treat Puffy Eyes
Use items you already have in the kitchen to fix puffy eyes in just ten minutes.

How to Curl Hair
Smooth, shiny curls are a fun beauty upgrade, and the look is a lot easier to achieve than it might seem. Follow the approach in this video the next time you want a head of natural-looking ringlets.

How To: Apply Makeup in Five Minutes

How To Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

Your routine can be pared down to just four steps—and five minutes.
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How to Apply Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be one of the most foolproof elements in your beauty routine, if you follow these easy steps to a perfect, subtle look.
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How to Apply Eyeliner

It’s important to know the proper way to apply eyeliner, so it enhances your eyes and doesn’t look thick and messy.
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How to Conceal Under-Eye Circles

The thin skin under the eyes is prone to dark circles―especially when you don’t get enough sleep. This video demonstrates how to achieve a bright-eyed look.
Photo: Time Inc. Studios
How To: Apply Makeup in Five Minutes
How To: Apply Eyeshadow
How To: Apply Eyeliner
How To: Conceal Under Eye Circles

Simple Styles

How To: Braid Hair

How to Braid Hair
When you have little time to style your hair (or your daughter’s), a braid is an easy and quick solution, as you’ll see in this video. Braiding your hair takes only about two minutes of your time—and the only styling tools you need are a brush and a hair band.

How To: French Braid Hair

How to French Braid Hair
A French braid may appear complicated, but as this video shows it’s nearly effortless to pull off―and makes a great quick fix for a bad hair day. Follow these simple steps for easy braiding.

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Essential Summer Beauty Checklist

In hot weather, you can ease up on some of your beauty routine―but not these steps.

  • Smoothing rough soles. Not only are calluses unsightly when they peek out from summer sandals but they can also crack and become painful. Slough off dry skin with a pumice stone for a minute at the end of every shower.
  • Lining your lips. Steamy heat tends to melt lipstick, causing it to smear and run. Spend 30 seconds applying lip liner first to keep color in place.
  • Washing your face at night. Because your makeup is lighter in the summer, it’s tempting to hit the sack without washing. But even light makeup, when coupled with nighttime sweat, can cause breakouts. Before you turn in, take two minutes to wash or use a premoistened face wipe.

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