How to Organize Your Makeup

In your morning rush to get ready, you don’t have the time (or the patience) to root around in a makeup bag for the perfect shade of lipstick. Use the organizing technique in this video to get a beautiful start to every day.

What You Need

  1. Check makeup (in makeup bag)
  2. Check acrylic organizing trays (and/or totes)

Follow These Steps

  1. Empty makeup bag

    Dump contents on a flat, color-safe surface, such as a bathroom counter.

  2. Evaluate makeup

    Keep only what you are really going to use. Discard any old, expired, or broken items. In general, mascara and liquid eyeliner expires after three to four months; eye and lip pencils, three to five years; lipstick and lip gloss, two to three years; and foundation, about two years.

  3. Place in organizing trays

    Keep items together: all eye shadows, all lip liners, all blushes, and so on. Consider a pencil organizer to keep brushes upright and easy to access or a vanity tote if you’d like to move cosmetics from room to room.

  4. Store lipsticks upright

    Since you can see their names, you’ll choose the one you want at a glance.