How to Assemble a Makeup Brush Kit

Purchasing a preassembled cosmetic brush set isn’t always the best use of your money. This video shows how to make a personalized set by choosing nine essential brushes.

Follow These Steps

  1. Pick a powder brush

    The powder brush should be soft and fluffy and have a medium dome so the powder is distributed evenly over your face.

  2. Pick a blush brush

    Your blush brush should have slightly angled bristles and be at least three inches at its longest tip to avoid streaking.

  3. Pick a foundation brush

    The foundation brush can be used as an alternative to your fingers or a sponge for applying liquid foundation; it should be flat and have stiff bristles that allow for sheer coverage.

  4. Pick a concealer brush

    Similar to the foundation brush, the concealer brush should have fine dense bristles that help cover blemishes accurately.

  5. Choose two eye shadow brushes

    A brush with small bristles should be used to apply shadow; a flat brush to blend the shadow.

  6. Pick a brow brush

    The eyebrow brush should have a tiny comb on one side and stiff bristles on the other.

    Tip: In a pinch, you can use a toothbrush to tame your brows.

  7. Pick an angled brush

    Used for applying eye liner or for filling in your eyebrows, a thin stiff-bristled brush provides the most precision.

  8. Pick a lip brush

    For applying lipsticks and glosses, you’ll need a small dense brush.