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18 Ways to Put on Makeup Better

Think you’ve got your makeup routine down to a science? Maybe—but these easy makeup artist tips may actually improve it.

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  • It’s best to stay away from liquid eyeliner if you don’t have the time to apply it carefully or aren’t confident in your ability to draw a thin, clean line—especially black liner, which can be harsh and unforgiving. However, if you do want to use a liquid liner, the trick is to blend it: Go over your lines with a touch of shadow on an angled brush to soften them.

  • The best technique for using an eyelash curler: Do a few small pumps with the curler rather than clamping down hard on your lashes and then holding.

  • To get the best results with mascara, wiggle the wand from side to side as you’re applying it to cover the lashes from root to tip without clumping. Comb through it with a clean spoolie brush (one to try: Sonia Kashuk, $2,
  • Run a clean spoolie brush through your eyebrows, too, if you’ve used a pencil or powder to fill them in. This will both blend the product and remove any excess. When applying eyebrow pencil, always use short, quick strokes and a light touch.

  • Before using a pencil on your eyes, brows, or lips, sharpen it first, then run it over your hand to dull the point slightly. This keeps lines soft rather than severe.

  • When applying under-eye concealer, use your ring finger. It’s the weakest of your fingers, so you’re sure to be gentle with the delicate skin under the eyes.


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