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Creating a Smoky Look With Eyeliner

With the right tools and technique, you'll do your makeup like a pro.

By Cara Kagan
A woman's facePaul Sunday

The perpetually popular smoky eye starts with eyeliner, applied in heavy strokes, then blended.

Learn the three easy steps to a smoky-eye look: Creating a Smoky Look with Eyeliner.


The Tools

  • A pencil and a cotton swab, or a pencil with a smudger tip on the opposite end.
    Try: Prescriptives Deluxe Eye Pencil, $19.50,, or Clarins Eyeliner Pencil, $25,
  • Matching eye shadow.

The Technique

  • Step 1: Pull the upper lid taut. Starting at the inside corner, draw heavy horizontal strokes onto the base of the lash line, working outward.
  • Step 2: Lightly continue the line under the lower lashes, keeping the strokes as close to the lash line as possible and stopping two-thirds of the way in.
  • Step 3: Blend and diffuse the color with a smudger or a cotton swab, then apply a coordinating eye shadow over the penciled lines and blend upward.
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