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Make Over Your Makeup

Here’s how to turn a makeup shade you wouldn’t normally use into one you actually will.

By Sarah Smith
Makeup palettesBob Hiemstra
  • Dark shadow: Top with a lighter shade to mute its tone, says Beau Nelson, creative director of Beauté Cosmetics, in New York City.
  • Deep lip color: Make it sheer by layering over a coat of lip balm.
  • Shimmery shadow: Sweep a matte color onto your lids first, then dust the shimmery shadow on top with a fluffy brush. The soft bristles will distribute the metallic pigments for a subtler look.
  • Frosted lip color: Put on any lipstick you own, then use a finger to dot the frosty color onto the center of your lips for added shine.
  • Bright shadow: Use it as eyeliner instead. Take a wet angled liner brush, dip it into the shadow, then brush a thin line along your top lashes. “Don’t shy away from vibrant colors―they’re great for defining your eyes,” says Nelson. “And they have half the impact when used sparingly.”
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