4 Chic Hairstyles for Curly Hair

A quartet of Real Simple readers get the ideal style for their springy, spiraling, occasionally maddening curls. 

Selene Rosenberg after
Elinor Carucci

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After: Selene Rosenberg

What Denis did:

• Layered the hair at her crown to create more verticality and less width. He also trimmed the back significantly into a wedge shape, which gave the hair more lift. He left some longer pieces in front to frame her face.

• Added highlights throughout the sides of her hair to brighten her face.

• Adapted his hydrating routine for curls: Since her hair is not quite as thick as, say, Shameka’s, Denis advised she use a daily conditioner, not a deep conditioner, after shampooing.

Her reaction: “It’s not puffy anymore! I’m happy because I still feel like I have some length—the long pieces in front—even though it was cut.”

Products used at the salon: DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser ($19); DevaCurl One Condition ($19); and DevaCurl MirrorCurls ($25); all available at devachansalon.com. Others to try: BlowPro Hydraquench Daily Hydrating Conditioner, $17, ulta.com.

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