Tools & Techniques

5 Simple Hairstyles Anyone Can Master

Good news for busy women everywhere: Turns out, great hair doesn’t require a ton of time. Similar to cooking, once you master the basics, you have the skills to whip up one good hair day after the next. Eufora Global Educator and Stylist, Mirza Botanovic, breaks down the five basic hairstyles everyone can learn.

Why You Should Use Conditioner Before Shampoo

Fine-haired women, rejoice. By making this (simple!) hair-washing tweak today, you'll be one step closer to soft, bouncy, shiny, smooth, and static-free hair tomorrow. 

Is This 90s Hair Trend Making a Comeback?

A modern day update you won't be embarrassed to try. 

How to Style a Sophisticated Low Bun

For those days when you want to throw your hair up, but still need to look polished. 

A Milkmaid Braid You Can Easily Do By Yourself

This sophisticated braided style just go a lot easier. 

How to Style a Chic High Ponytail

For those mornings when you need to be ready in a hurry. 

The Definitive Guide to Detangling Curly Hair

How to keep your curls looking fabulous. 

6 Smart Hairstyles to Protect a Sunburned Scalp

How to style strategically when you're feeling the burn.

Two Products That Can Save a Bad Hair Day

These make for a dynamic duo when it comes to erasing bedhead.

6 Easy Topknots for Any Occasion

No time to blow out your hair? Toss your strands into a bun: These fun and easy hairstyles will help you pull off a last-minute look that feels styled and chic enough for both a day at the office or a night on the town.

9 Tricks for Fixing Every Possible Bad Hair Day

When you’re in a rush, the last thing you need to do is jump back in the shower or spend hours with your straightener so you look put together at the office. From bumpy ponytails to annoying bangs, experts offer easy solutions for (almost) every hair-related frustration.

6 Brushes for Smooth, Shiny Hair

One brush does not fit all—and the right one can make all the difference. These six picks tackle every hair type, length, and style.