Protect Your Hair-Care Tools

With the right care, your tools will work well (and keep your hair looking good) for years.

By Gina Way
Hair dryer and combGabriella Imperatori-Penn
  • Clean the filter. Use a small toothbrush to remove dust from the dryer’s filter to avoid overheating.
  • Store smart. Always keep a blow-dryer and hairbrushes in an enclosed area, such as a drawer, so they don’t get dusty and dirty (and transfer that grime to your hair).
  • Comb your brush. “Use a fine-tooth comb to clean hair from the bristles every other time you use your brush,” says Dennis Bartolomei, the owner of the Dennis Bartolomei salon in Chicago. Once a month, wash the brush in a bath of shampoo and water.
  • Clean your irons. Remove buildup with a paste made of baking soda and water applied with a damp cloth.
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