How to Do a Fancy Ponytail

An inverted flip adds a little extra flair to the standard ponytail―and it’s an easy hairstyle. Watch this video for the simple steps.

What You Need

  1. Check hair band
  2. Check brush

Follow These Steps

  1. Gather the hair into a low ponytail

    Smoothing hair, gather it all back into a low ponytail near nape of neck. Fix with hair band, tying more loosely than you would with a standard ponytail.

    Tip: Use a band that matches your hair color.

  2. Create a hole above the band

    Using a couple of fingers, create a space in the hair just above the hair band. Twist the hair in the ponytail to make it easier to thread through in the next step.

  3. Thread hair through the hole

    Thread the twisted ponytail through the hole at the front, pulling it out the bottom. Slide up the hair band to tighten for a strong hold.