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Shaving 101

Here’s how to pick the right blade and tackle common shaving conundrums.

By Sarah Smith
Rubber duck and a can of shaving gelYunhee Kim
  • Choose your razor wisely. A multiblade model will give you the closest shave on legs and underarms. For areas that are prone to ingrown hairs, like the bikini line, use a single-blade razor, which cuts hairs bluntly, so they’re less likely to grow back into the skin.
  • Beat razor burn. Mix two squirts of baby oil and four drops of rubbing alcohol in your palm, then apply to just-shaved areas. The antiseptic-moisturizer combo helps prevent an itchy rash.
  • Treat your cuts. If you do nick yourself, dab the cut with a petrolatum-based lip balm, which may help it heal faster.
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