A Hair Makeover at Any Age

Nine women in their 20s, 40s, and 60s polish their looks with new haircuts and hair colors. 

Cathy Pasquale before makeover
Elinor Carucci

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Before: Cathy Pasquale, 60

A onetime beauty-college student who now goes on archaeological digs in places like Ecuador for fun, Cathy, a retired preschool teacher, has tried it all when it comes to her hair (even an Afro). And while she thinks her current bob suits her stick-straight, superfine locks, she figured her style could use a little shake-up. “I am what I am and I recognize my limitations. Raphael waves? I don’t think that’s gonna happen!” she says with a laugh. “But I’m getting bored.” (Her T-shirt by American Apparel.)


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