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Hair Care and Color Guide

Healthy Hair With Less Hassle

Get glossier, stronger hair with a hands-off approach.

By Elizabeth Passarella
Woman ringing out her wet hair Craig Cutler

Blot Dry Before Blow-Drying

Trying to dry sopping-wet hair can take forever and invites heat damage. Speed things up by blotting hair with an absorbent towel (no rubbing, which roughs up strands). Next, gently wrap your hair turban-style until it’s 80 percent dry and move on to other tasks, like applying makeup and getting dressed, while your hair dries naturally. Then enlist a dryer.


Use Medium-High Heat

Try to give hair a break from heat styling at least three mornings a week. When you do wield a tool (be it a dryer or a curling or flat iron), stick to a medium-high setting. “If your iron has a temperature gauge, never turn it past 410 degrees,” says Chrystofer Benson, artistic director for Logics, a hair-care line. “Many irons go up to 450 degrees, but that setting is only for pros giving Japanese straightening treatments.” Before heat styling, apply a protective spray, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat ($6.50 at drugstores). Then slowly run or roll the tool over each section of hair once or twice (instead of doing it quickly three or four times). “This is more effective, reduces damage, and lasts longer,” says Josh.


Don't Touch!

Your fingers deposit debris and oil, so mindlessly stroking, tucking, or twirling your hair during the day is one of the quickest ways to dull it down and dirty it up. Always style hair with clean hands, then do your best to keep your paws off.


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