Hair Color

The Best Root Cover Ups

Skip a trip to the salon and save some money with winning root touch-ups that will have you covered—literally—when you’re in a pinch. Here, every type of formula for every type of hair.

What You Can Learn From 8 Women Who Embrace Gray Hair

In our culture, gray hair is synonymous with getting older. So Real Simple went on a search to find women who choose to go against the norm, free themselves from box color and never-ending salon appointments, and embrace the hair on their head—just the way it is. The response was overwhelming. Turns out, women of all ages and walks of life are embracing their grays. In fact, some women are even dyeing their hair gray (ironic, right)? Here, eight extraordinary women who make going gray look insanely gorgeous.

6 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

You’ve spent good money getting your hair colored at the salon. Now, you want to make it last. Here, six products that’ll buy you time in between visits and, ultimately, save you money.

6 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Bangs

Done right, they can refresh your entire look without the commitment of a full cut or color. Done poorly, you end up with something reminiscent of a bowl cut from the fourth grade. We consulted hairstylist Vivi Lapidus on everything you should know to get your most flattering fringe—without any awkward grow out.

How to Care for Bleached Hair

Bleaching your hair is an investment to say the least. Beyond the cost of actually getting the process done and the time it takes to go from dark to light (a whopping eight hours in my case!), there’s the aftercare that you might not have considered. If you’re up for the upkeep, here are some tried-and-true tips to keep your color bright and your hair a little less damaged:

6 Products for Color-Treated Hair

Who wants to spend money to color-treat your hair only to see it go (more or less literally) down the drain? These products help conserve your color, plus add shine.

6 Great Budget-Friendly Products for Hair

Products that leave your hair healthy and shiny: good. Products that leave your hair healthy and shiny and won’t ding your wallet: even better.

6 Ways to Refresh Your Look for Fall

Start the season with a fresh new look, whether it’s a bold shade for your lips or an even bolder one for your hair.

12 Expert Tips for Your Hair Color

Whether your hair color came from your family tree or your salon, the keys to keeping it vibrant and luminous are simple. Here’s how to preserve and punch up all pigments, inherited or otherwise.

14 Smart New Hair-Care Products

From dandruff to tangled hair, there’s a savvy solution for every hair-related problem.