Hair Care

The Best Dry Shampoo

For some women, dry shampoo has become a must-have beauty product (second only to staples like toothpaste). After all, using it buys you time in between shampoos. But, in addition to absorbing oil, these hard-working formulas offer some extra benefits.

7 Things Your Hair Stylist Wishes You Knew

We know the basic salon etiquette—be on time, leave a 20 percent tip, don’t take phone calls, etc.—but what do stylists really wish we did during our visit? We asked a handful from different salons to share their biggest pet peeves so we can all be the best client—with the best hair.

6 Natural Beauty Brands That Actually Work

Equal parts efficacious and earth-friendly, these natural brands deliver beauty benefits (smooth skin, shiny hair, and luscious lashes) using ingredients you can actually pronounce (and don’t have to stress over).

How Much Dry Shampoo Is Too Much? 

Dry shampoo can be just the solution your busy mornings need. But could there be any consequences to this whole "dirty hair" trend? Mona Gohara, M.D., a dermatologist at the Yale School of Medicine, and celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook Jones reveal the truth behind our favorite bad hair day fix.

6 Charcoal-Infused Beauty Products

This unexpected beauty ingredient is popping up in all kinds of formulas, thanks to its ability to absorb dirt and oil from skin and hair. Here, six charcoal products that light our fire.

You've Never Seen Hair Tutorials Like This

Dads try their hands at doing their daughters' hair and it's pretty much the sweetest thing we've ever seen.

Why You Should Use Conditioner Before Shampoo

Fine-haired women, rejoice. By making this (simple!) hair-washing tweak today, you'll be one step closer to soft, bouncy, shiny, smooth, and static-free hair tomorrow. 

6 Beauty Tricks to Get You Through Winter

Chapped lips, hat hair, and pasty skin got you down? Harsh winter elements (thanks, Jonas) can take a toll on your looks and make you feel not so hot. Here, 6 easy hacks for conquering the most dreaded winter woes.

3 No-Slip Hair Hacks for the Gym

These will keep strands out of your face during any workout.

5 Curly Hair Myths, Busted

A leading stylist sets the record straight. 

6 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Bangs

Done right, they can refresh your entire look without the commitment of a full cut or color. Done poorly, you end up with something reminiscent of a bowl cut from the fourth grade. We consulted hairstylist Vivi Lapidus on everything you should know to get your most flattering fringe—without any awkward grow out.