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How to Get Cheaper Haircuts

Get a fabulous haircut for less, thanks to this secret from an anonymous hair-salon manager.

By an anonymous hair-salon manager, as told to Shivani Vora
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“Believe it or not, the best way to cut costs is to have the hairdresser come to you. Salons pocket about 60 percent of the overall fee, so to bring in extra cash, many stylists make house calls. Just ask. Generally the same services are available, including color treatments, but prices are up to 30 to 40 percent lower, since the stylist keeps all the money. However, if you would rather be pampered at the salon, ask to prepay for a year’s worth of haircuts. You’ll typically get a deal—say, seven for the price of six. If that’s not financially feasible, go to a discount booking site, like or, and purchase big-ticket services. Highlights and straightening treatments at your salon could be reduced by up to 50 percent. No salon owner is going to advertise this to a customer booking a full-price appointment, so check online before you make your appointment. If you’re a regular customer who normally receives several services at once, see if a blow-out or a haircut can be added on the house. If you’re investing in a keratin treatment, which requires specific hair products to maintain, request that the salon include the shampoo and conditioner gratis. One last thing: Send your friends to your stylist and you’ll often score a discount—for every three you refer, you could get 25 percent off your next appointment.”

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