Fashion Basics

Build a well-balanced wardrobe: the basics to buy, the mistakes to avoid, and the rules to follow (or ignore).

More Elements of Style

8 Best Jeans for Women

These stylish, figure-flattering pairs are age-appropriate without veering anywhere near Mom-jeans territory.

Define Your Signature Style

Create a signature look and avoid buyer’s remorse with this four-step plan.

Avoiding Wardrobe Blunders

Nine common (and commonly ignored) dressing oversights―and easy ways to fix them.


Shopping Tips

10 Simply Sexy Bras

Something for everyone, no matter her size: These styles will solve wardrobe conundrums and look beautiful to boot.

How to Store Bras and Lingerie

Opening up a beautifully organized drawer of lingerie each morning can be one of life’s small pleasures. Here’s how to straighten out a tangled mass of straps, hooks, and unmatched fabrics.