Everyday Indulgences

Sometimes, it is the little things in life: simple low- or no-cost pleasures (or, yes, even a splurge) that can make each day a joy.

Lush and Plush

One Good Reason to Drink a Glass of Wine Tonight

Drinking wine may help burn fat, according to new research.

13 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Laughing

Laughter is a funny thing: Why did we evolve to giggle and cackle and guffaw, and what purpose does it serve besides, well, making the world a happier place? Here, some more surprising facts about cracking up.


Nothing Like a Nap

6 Genius Ways to Use Chocolate Chips (Without Making Cookies)

The original chocolate morsels were literally chips off the old block: Chocolate used to be sold as a bar with its very own chopping device. It wasn't until the 1930s that manufacturers began making convenient precut morsels, perfect for melting, baking, or scarfing by the handful. Have half a bag sitting in your pantry right now? Pull them out and give these easy, surprising (no cookies in sight!) recipes a shot. Just remember: You can use bittersweet and semisweet interchangeably in recipes, but milk chocolate morsels will give you a sweeter, creamier result.

How to Make Time for Date Night (Almost) Every Week

Despite your busy schedules, you need to reserve some one-on-one time. Here's how to do it.