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Shop Your Closet

There are dozens of new looks in there. Here, pros give pointers to help you see the same-old stuff in a brand-new light.

By Julee A. Wilson
Andrea Costa and Joe Lupo Jessica Antola

Weary of your wardrobe? Join the club. Peering into a closet can make a person feel oddly empty, despite the fact that the closet is (presumably) packed to the gills. Joe Lupo, a fashion consultant and a coauthor of Nothing to Wear? (Plume, $26,, and stylist Sarah Davidzuk help three women find new looks among the pieces they already own. 

The Studies

Shop Your Closet: Don’t Get Overwhelmed  
 Shop Your Closet: Let Work and Play Mingle
 Shop Your Closet: Build on What’s Right for You 

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