New Party-Season Staple: One-Shoulder Tops

Two women―a mother-daughter duo―model one look to show how it can work at any age.

Mother and daughter in one-shoulder topsKwaku Alston

Who's Wearing It

Janet Cosgrove, 55, and her daughter, Marie Wilson, 30.

Why It Works for Janet

“It’s new and fashionable but still appropriate for my age because it’s elegant. It’s sophisticated enough to wear out to dinner or to a cocktail party,” says Janet, a retired nurse in Appleton, Wisconsin.
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Why It Works for Marie

“I can wear it with jeans, and it looks great with my kind of jewelry―funky, dangly earrings and a chunky cuff,” says Marie, a public-relations executive in New York City. “Plus, it’s formfitting, which makes it feel young and sexy.”
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