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When It Comes to Your Wardrobe, Where do You Splurge and Where do You Save?

One thing Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have proved: Great style comes in a range of prices. This month, fashion-savvy readers share how they mix steep with cheap. 

Illustration of a woman in sunglasses and a scarfChristopher Silas Neal

The distinctive frames I chose for my glasses were extravagant, but they make me feel fun. Their narrow, colorful stripes remind me of a slice of ice cream cake. I wear them every waking second, so I think they were well worth their steep price. As for saving, I buy inexpensive workout wear.

Janet Hannah Eskridge

Lincoln, Nebraska

For me, colorful scarves are a worthy indulgence. They coordinate with so many outfits and dress up even a simple T-shirt. But I’m thrifty when it comes to underwear. I don’t think it should cost more than $3 a pair.

Hyounsoo Lathrop

St. Paul, Minnesota

I nab any pair of tights or leggings—regardless of price—as long as they fit my superlong legs. To make up for expensive bottoms, I bargain-shop for shirts on clearance racks. They don’t need to last forever, and frankly, after a dozen or so wearings, I’m ready to give them away.

Megan MacLaughlin-Barck

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

A great bra that keeps the “girls” up where they should be doesn’t come cheap. When I’m wearing a bra that fits perfectly, I feel like I can toss a burlap sack over it and look like I’m wearing couture.

Melissa Morabito Geherin

Auburn, New York

I buy inexpensive yet fabulous jewelry at garage sales and resale shops. I truly believe that faux gems can be just as striking as the real ones. Another nice thing about the jewelry that I find: It’s almost always timeless.

Nykia Exner

Woodland Hills, California

Slacks made from top-notch fabric in a classic cut can last forever and are worth the investment. In fact, my go-to camel-colored pair has been around for 10 years—longer than my previous husband!

Lisa Milne

Pelham, New Hampshire

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