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How Can I Make My Legs Appear Longer in Shorts?

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Nude colored flip flopsGeoffrey Sokol

Q. How can I make my legs appear longer in shorts? (Please don’t say I have to wear heels!)

A. To look leggy, try these footwear tactics.

Start with a nude shade. "Shoes in the same color as your skin create a clean, unbroken line that elongates the legs," says Milly designer Michelle Smith. Since nude is a big trend this summer, there are plenty of comfortable, shorts-friendly options, including walkable wedge espadrilles and flat oxfords. If you can’t find a style in your skin shade, Tkees makes barely-there leather thongs in six different tones (shown here); one is bound to be your leg-lengthening match. (Tkees thongs, $46,

Keep the style simple.
Certain sandals—particularly those with ankle straps—cut off the legs and make you look stumpy. More-minimal designs (think straps only across the toes, instead of strap-happy gladiators) visually lengthen the legs.

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