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Prices for Common Clothing Alterations

A tailor details the cost of some typical clothing modifications.

By Claire Sulmers
Model with tailored clothingDavid A. Land

When it comes to how well you look in your clothing, a good fit makes all the difference. For the very best (albeit potentially costly) fit possible, buy your clothes a size larger and have them altered by a tailor.

Here, Ken Grippi, a technical consultant and a tailor for Dependable Cleaners, a New England-based chain, details prices for some typical modifications. The cost of alterations can vary greatly, though, depending on the difficulty of the service and the shop providing it.

  • Shorten sleeves on a dress shirt: $19.
  • Shorten sleeves on a jacket: $23 (without buttons) to $28 (with buttons).
  • Take in the body of a jacket: $40 (two seams) to $52 (three seams).
  • Take in a dress shirt: $20.
  • Adjust the shoulders of a jacket: $35.
  • Hem a skirt or a dress: $14.50.
  • Hem a pair of jeans or pants: $10.
  • Take in a sheath dress: $45.
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