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If You Answered More C’s: Neutral Undertone

Colors for neutral skin tonePop Chart Labs

Your Skin

  • Ivory (Julianne Moore)
  • Beige (Lena Dunham)
  • Light to medium olive (Julia Roberts)
  • Light brown (Kerry Washington)

Your Natural Hair Color 

  • Blond, brown, red, or white/gray, all with both warm and cool tones

Your Color Prescription
Your hybrid warm-cool coloring puts the whole rainbow in play. But in general it’s better to choose slightly softened sherbet shades, like muted raspberry, Creamsicle, lemon, and lavender. Ultra-brights, like magenta and electric blue, can overwhelm the balance in your complexion, says Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Your go-to megawatt color: true red.

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