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Mini Wardrobe Emergency Kit

Keep these tiny tools on hand for minor clothing mishaps―from spills to splitting seams.

Mini Wardrobe Emergency KitMichele Gastl
  • A small can of Static Guard can rescue you from "creeping, clinging skirt" syndrome.
    To buy: $2 at drugstores.
  • Attach a tiny Swiss Army knife and a safety pin to your key chain, advises Audrey Smaltz, founder of Ground Crew, which manages the back-stage chaos at fashion shows. These two tools are indispensable for speedy saves.
    To buy: $18.50,
  • Wet Ones moist towelettes leave minimal water rings and work on most stains, even makeup, says costume designer Mona May. Put a towel under the stain to absorb the liquid, then pat; don't rub.
    To buy: $2.50 at drugstores.
  • This Mini Sewing Kit, packed with essentials, is about as big as a pack of gum.
    To buy: $7,
  • A tiny Evercare travel-size Lint Pic-Up Adhesive Roller is handy and smaller than your palm.
    To buy: $1 at drugstores.


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