7 Beauty Pick-Me-Ups to Try Right Now

Winter isn't the most flattering season on anyone, so if your reflection has been looking a little drab lately, you're not alone. The good news: It doesn't require a lot of money or effort to perk up your look—or your mood. Here, 7 ways to feel pretty fast.

How to Contour

We know—the dark stripes popping up on people’s faces are totally terrifying, but they don’t have to be. With a few simple steps (and lots of blending), you can subtly enhance your face shape. Hello, cheekbones.

You've Never Seen Hair Tutorials Like This

Dads try their hands at doing their daughters' hair and it's pretty much the sweetest thing we've ever seen.

What to Do With Old Clothes, in One Easy Chart

An illustrated guide to donating and selling post closet-purge.

How to Handle Your Beauty and Fashion Faux Pas

Expert solutions to keep you looking (and feeling) like you just walked off the runway.

What Every Woman in Her 30s Should Know About Aging Skin

It doesn't take much to look your best, no matter your number. Here's a concise (yet comprehensive) skin-care syllabus.

6 Beauty Tricks to Get You Through Winter

Chapped lips, hat hair, and pasty skin got you down? Harsh winter elements (thanks, Jonas) can take a toll on your looks and make you feel not so hot. Here, 6 easy hacks for conquering the most dreaded winter woes.