Sephora Shopping Hacks

You go in looking for an eyeliner... you walk out with two, plus a new foundation, and a nude lipstick that’s somehow different from the other six you have rolling around in your purse. We get how easy it is to spend a small fortune whenever you “just browse” a Sephora, which is why we rounded up a few tricks to help you save when you shop. 

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Whether you’re hosting this year's holiday party or you’re lucky enough to be an invitee, toeing the sartorial line between “basically pajamas” and “uncomfortably overdressed” can be as tricky as getting dinner on the table while it's still hot. Here, three levels of easily-accomplished, comfortable ensembles—from laid-back to fancifully festive—that will earn you the title of best-dressed, no matter if you're the hostess or a guest.